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How long can scleral lenses last? How long can I wear them?

How long can you wear your scleral lenses?
Hours in a day?
Scleral lenses can usually be worn 12-14 hours straight.  However, most patients find that removing their lenses in the middle of the day can make their contact lens wear even better.  A few minutes off from scleral lenses allows the eyes to grasp a few more oxygen than when the lenses are on.  Cleaning the lenses in the middle of the day can also prevent unwanted debris from accumulating behind the lens, thus giving patients better vision throughout the day.  

When to say goodbye to your scleral lenses?Similar to regular rigid gas permeable lenses, scleral lenses may last for 1-3 years.  BUT....... it depends on the following: How well do you clean your lenses? How's the surface quality of the lens?  Has your condition progressed?   
I know that you may want to stretch the use of your scleral lenses because of the cost, but providing you functional vision to continue your everyday activities; and for you to become productive …