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Eye Rubbing Due to Eye Lashes Poking The Eye

When you asked keratoconus patients, almost all would say that they indeed had a history of eye rubbing.  I always tell patients that the eyeball is similar to a bread, when you try to use your hand to squeeze the bread, some portion will be dented.  Similar to it, the cornea, when rubbed may be dented in one area.  The difference in the curvature produced by eye rubbing can lead to astigmatism.  Eye rubbing can produce surface irregularity on the cornea and triggers keratoconus in some susceptible patients.  
Why do patients rub their eyes?  Eyes can be itchy due to allergies.  When allergies are found, it is important to rule out the cause and manage it well. Anti-histamine medicines can be taken, but if the allergy is only found on the eye,  then anti-histamine drops can be used to control the itchiness.   Sometimes, mechanical issues such as eyelashes growing inwards (photo above), which poke the cornea can cause the eye to be irritated.  Irritation of course will lead to patients …

Bubble In Scleral Lenses

Bubbles in scleral lenses can be bothersome.  A large bubble may interfere with your vision and you will feel the lens will move more.  This happens when you insert your lens incorrectly such as when you had not filled the lens bowl completely, you moved your eye away from the lens when the lens was about to touch your cornea or your eyelid may have moved the lens down upon insertion allowing bubbles to enter the lens.  All you have to do is to reinsert the lens again. If you were having difficulty to avoid very small bubbles in the lens, then you can try to put 2 drops of Celluvisc drops in the lens bowl then fill the remaining space with non-preserved, non-buffered saline.  This will hopefully help prevent air to enter.  Happy wearing!