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Soft Contact Lenses for Keratoconus Eyes

For quite sometime, the only choice in keratoconus contact lenses is rigid gas permeable lenses.  But now, believe it or not, soft contact lenses are now in the running for contact lens options in managing conic corneas.  What is the difference between the regular off-the-shelves soft lenses to these keratoconus soft contact lenses?  Well, these special lenses are customised, either in material thickness or lens design to enable patients to achieve functional vision.   
Which one is the best for you then?  SCLERAL LENSES vs KERATOCONUS SOFT CONTACT LENSES?   Trial fitting is the key to know which lens is the best for you.  Many considers vision as important, some though look at which type of lens matches his/her lifestyle more.   What is great about scleral lenses is that  this is the best for keratoconus patients with dry eyes as the cornea is constantly bathed in non-preserved saline solution.  And scleral lenses can definitely provide crisper vision even in advanced stage.  Howeve…