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Maybe It Is Time For You To Try Scleral Lenses


How long is the process of fitting scleral contact lenses?

I like to tell my patients that fitting scleral contact lenses is not magic.  So do not expect that the first set of lenses that I put on your eyes will be the perfect ones already.  
What to expect at your appointment for scleral contact lens fitting?  If you do not have your corneal topography results with you yet, your optometrist may want you to have it done.  This is not a must in scleral contact lens fitting, however, this can give a good picture of your condition's status---I definitely ask my patients to get one. Depending on your case, more scans can be done which can aid the optometrist in getting the best fit for you.  
Expect to have different lenses placed on your eye.  Most of the time, this will involve a green dye which will be placed on the contact lenses so the optometrist can evaluate the way the contact lens rests on your cornea.  Your vision will be tested as well.  It never ceased to amaze me though that just when my patients have resigned and accepted that the…